It is extremely gratifying for me to welcome you to TIMES INSTITUTE. This rapidly growing seat of higher learning is the fruit of a labour of love undertaken by visionaries who have the dream of enabling our younger generation to gain the knowledge and skills needed to compete with the world at large in times to come.

The operating principle behind this institution is that only an educated individual can become the basic unit of a successful nation. Furthermore, the principle holds that this education should be keeping with rapid rate of change in the modern world. Consequently, all teaching activity at TIMES INSTITUTE is based on ultra-modern strategies of Problem Solving and Synergy Deployment.

Students are encouraged to think innovatively and to learn by doing. The concept of team-work exists not only as seperate phenomena among teachers and taught but also across the pedagogical divide. As a result, the faculty and the students work together as one in the pursuit of knowledge.

Your joining us in this exciting adventure of knowledge and learning takes our nation yet another step onwards on the journey of peace and progress. I wish you the best in your academic endeavors.